Create an Excel document with PHP

Some weeks ago I needed the possibility to create an excel sheet with PHP. I searched for it and found several possibilities which are more or less unusable or are running to long for the timeout of the webspace where I implemented the solution.

But after a few days of searching I found a good framework to create the excel sheets in an easy way.It is a single PHP class, created by Roshan Bhattarai, which is very easy to use and it delivers absolutely the result I wanted to get. This class is called ExportExcel.

To create an excel sheet it is only necessary to create a session, write everything you need into the session array and then call the class of ExportExcel to write it to the file.



  $xls=new ExportExcel("documentName.xls");


  $counter = 0;
  while ($counter <= 20) {
    $column = 0;
    $_SESSION['report_values'][$counter][$column++] = "$counter";
    $_SESSION['report_values'][$counter][$column++] = "Last Name";
    $_SESSION['report_values'][$counter][$column++] = "First Name";
    $_SESSION['report_values'][$counter][$column++] = "0123/456789012";
    $_SESSION['report_values'][$counter][$column++] = "";


Thats all. Like you can see, this kind of excel create is so easy, that I do not need much words to explain it compleately.

A lot of thanks to Roshan Bhattarai for this good peace of code which makes the world of development again a bit easier. You can visit him on

Class for download, including a test implentation

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