Remove / Add (Hide) UITabbarItems on the fly

Some days ago, I searched for a solution to hide a TabbarItem from my app but select it programmatically. In all forums and blogs was written, that this is not possible. Hiding a TabbarItem means to remove it from the Tabbar or, on other places, hiding means to disable it, but a disabled Item is still visible only not selectable.

What to do now? Is there an intermediate solution? Yes, it is, somehow:Read More

Include Facebook „Post to your wall“ in your App

I’m somhow a newbee in developing iPhone-Apps. This means a lot of searching in iNet, try-and-error and „throwning the mac out of the window“…

My task was to implement social networks in my app.
Twitter: 15 minutes
Mail: 2 hours
Facebook: 8 days (!!)

The examples from facebook, which are delivered with their framework, are somehow really good, but they do to much things for me. I only wanted to post to the users wall, nothing more. So I took the code from their samples, include them in my app -> DAMN, nothing works anymore.Read More