Create your website multilingual – Second way

Yesterday I posted you an easy way to make your website multilingual. There are several ways to do this. Today I wanted to post youa second way to create a multilingual website. The method from yesterday was a version to use, if you want to translate your whole website and to have the possibility to insert also different looks.

If you want to translate only text parts, you can use translation property files. These are read to the session and inserted from the session to your website.Read More

Include your family tree in your webpage

Yesterday I’ve posted for all interested genealogists and webmaster, how they can create a database out of their gedcom file. But how you can display this information on your website?

In this post I want to explain, how I do this and share you my PHP code for free to use it on your website. I only please you for let my link in the code, that I have also something out from it.Read More