Include your family tree in your webpage

Yesterday I’ve posted for all interested genealogists and webmaster, how they can create a database out of their gedcom file. But how you can display this information on your website?

In this post I want to explain, how I do this and share you my PHP code for free to use it on your website. I only please you for let my link in the code, that I have also something out from it.Read More

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Create a database from your GEDCOM file

You are interested in creating your own webpage to publish your family tree to the world? Then you need to insert your data in a database. The problem: most programms are creating a gedcom file as global file type or other files formats specially for the software you are using but there is no software to create a database. Nearly all genealogical researchers uses then one of the well known platforms to publish there genealogical data to the world wide web. But what to do, if you do not want to upload your data to one foreign platform? Then you have to start again from the beginning to type your data into a database.Read More

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